Roland Huss

Docker Container Loading

“Docker build” with plain Dockerfiles is currently the canonical and recommended approach for creating Docker images. But is this also always the best way for all use cases?

This talk presents alternative and creative ways to produce Docker images.

You will meet dedicated template systems like fish-pepper which adds composability and parametrisation in addition to the Dockerfile intrinsic extension mechanism. In another recipe you will learn how to reproducibly create Docker images with Ansible. The image fabrication can be directly integrated into your Maven-based builds, too. This and more will be explained and demonstrated with live demos.

At the end you will have a good overview of what is out there for loading your Docker containers in addition to a vanilla “docker build

Roland Huss

Dr. Roland Huss is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat working on Fuse. He has been developing in Java for twenty years now, but never forgot his roots as system administrator. Roland is an active open source contributor, lead developer of the JMX-HTTP bridge Jolokia and the popular fabric8io/docker-maven-plugin. And he loves chilli peppers. read more


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