Peter Rossbach

Docker Orchestration and Swarming

This talk gives an overview of the technical solutions for the orchestration of Docker-based services. This means rethinking your IT-business in every area. Create, maintain and modify many machines and containers on your developer notebook, in your data center or the cloud is a challenge. Our applications are constantly expanded and adapted to different use cases. Hence, microservices need a better environment. The Docker ecosystem offers promising tools for service discovering, automatic scaling, failover and deployment. The talk presents and discusses the practical benefits of the Docker orchestration platform.

Peter Rossbach

Peter Rossbach is a infra coder, system architect and coach of numerous web systems and founder of the bee42 solutions gmbh. He is also CTO of Setlog Gmbh a Supply Chain Management company. Peter realized appropriate infrastructure products and offer many training based on the Docker and Kubernetes ecosystem, current web technologies, microservices, Apache Tomcat, Java, NoSQL databases and cloud platforms. read more


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