Claus Matzinger

Getting the most out of your containerized database

You’re part of an experienced DevOps team who are both container and database savvy. This talk will offer a tune up, helping you make sure that your containerized databases are performing at their best. We’ll look at how to capitalize on the elastic scalability of containers for your database, how configuration via shared nothing/masterless architecture could help you do more and how to avoid unnecessary network traffic and utilize local instance stores. Also, you will learn about CrateDB.

Key takeaways:


Claus Matzinger

A software engineer by trade, Claus Matzinger runs field engineering at is the developer of CrateDB, an open source SQL DBMS that combines SQL & search together to handle machine data on Docker and other platforms. Prior to Crate, Claus co-founded Affective Signals, a video analytics research project in the psychotherapy field. Claus develops in Java, C#, C, Scala, and his personal favorite, Rust. He loves connecting with developers putting machine data to work in exciting new industrial, transportation, entertainment, and consumer IoT systems. read more


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