Emile Vauge and Manuel Laufenberg

Make load-balancing great again with Træfik!

Microservices seem to come off over the years and has now become the model for the development of modern applications. This model, initiated by some web giants (Netflix, Google …), promotes extreme applications modularization, runs counter to the monolithic model. Microservices allows: reduced release cycle, loose coupling between services, standardization of communication (REST), reduction of risks during deliveries, cloud orientation, etc.

But it still remains tedious to easily connect these services without changing the application code. Træfik was born from this.

traefik.io, a reverse-proxy that can watch orchestrators’ API to generate its configuration automatically. This tiny tools solves what can be a huge pain when dealing with microservices deployed in an orchestrator.

Key takeaways:



Emile Vauge

Creator of Træfik, Emile is developer and founder of containo.us. He has more than 10 years experience developing applications for the web and the industry and is certified Docker trainer. Lately he got interested in the DevOps methods. He is particularly interested in orchestration tools like Swarm, Mesos and Kubernetes. read more

Manuel LaufenbergSoftware Developer - Colognetworx

Maintainer of Træfik, Manuel is a technical architect for a local cologne based agency called Colognetworx. read more


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