Kevin Wittek and Matthias Rottländer

"Bootiful" Containers with Spring-Boot and Docker

The rise of container technologies allows us to fundamentally change the way we develop, test and deploy software. However, the problem and solution gap by which software developers are confronted nowadays has become even bigger. We - as a profession - still need to discover patterns and practices for successfully dealing with this level of complexity.

Thanks to tools like Docker, spinning up a full-fledged relational database isn’t more difficult or time consuming than using an in-memory database anymore. So why not run your integration tests on your local machine, inside an environment which resembles production as close as possible?

This workshop takes you through the complete development lifecycle of a simple microservice, using familiar tools such as Spring-Boot and Gradle. After that we take a glimpse into the new possibilities, that the container technology give our development and testing environments.



Kevin WittekSenior Software Developer - G DATA Advanced Analytics / CEO - Styracosoft GbR

Java developer and JVM fanboy, since being introduced to the language back in school 12 years ago. Founded his own company besides his study at university. Develops mobile apps and client-server applications, which lead to his discovery of Grails and the Groovy ecosystem. read more

Matthias RottländerSoftware Developer - G DATA Advanced Analytics / CEO - Styracosoft GbR

Jack-Of-All-Trades promoting perpetual pursuit of technical excellence. Developer of Java systems since about 10 years ago. Passionate usability nit-pick. read more


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