Joao Santos

CI/CD at Zalando

In late 2016, Zalando’s continuous delivery engineering team began brainstorming a new approach to build and deploy artefacts. The main goal was to improve the integration of CI/CD in the Zalando infrastructure landscape. We started this conversation after learning from the existing CI/CD landscape based on CI masters and worker nodes deployed on the cloud. The team came up with a proposal and prototype that focusses on builds and deployments to Kubernetes.

In this talk, João Santos will describe how their team derived ideas for the new build and deployment system. They’ll focus on concepts the new system is based on. Throughout this talk, he shares insights on how the project was started with a focus on customer centricity and share the current state and future plans.

They hope that you will be able to use this knowledge to come up with your own deployment concept to Kubernetes soon.

Joao Santos

Software Engineer at Zalando SE read more


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