Timo Derstappen

Cloud-native Microservices

Microservice Architectures are around since a while now. There have already been a few generations of tooling and patterns that helped to run and manage them. Timo will show us how a current cloud-native stack looks like and which tools should be on your radar. The talk will cover both operational and architectural topics. As the name cloud-native suggests most of the projects explained in the talk are either already hosted within the cloud-native computing foundation (CNCF) or within the incubation process. Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, Opentracing and GRPC are just a few examples.

Timo Derstappen

Timo Derstappen is the CTO and Co-Founder of Giant Swarm. Besides managing and scaling distributed services for the past 15 years he is prepared to move off-the-grid as soon as the time is right. read more


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