Peter Rossbach and Niclas Mietz

Container Software Supply Chain

To drive the container innovation and efficiency in critical business infrastructure more automation is needed. Create your own CI/CD systems and pipelines speedup your deliveries. Planing and management of software supply chain can be a complex challenge. This talk discuss some useful patterns and tools of build a secure container software supply chain. We present some solutions to manage container promotion from development to production with a secure container registry. You can learn to create container images with passion.

Peter Rossbach

As founder of the bee42, System Architect, DevOps Engineer, Apache Member, Apache Tomcat Committer, Infracoder and Docker In uencer, Peter can rely on a long-lasting and remarkable experience. With his skills he inspires not only the bee42 crew, but also our customers to top performances. read more

Niclas Mietz

Niclas is a DevOps Engineer, Docker expert and open source maintainer. He is specialized on containers and automatization. He accelerates deployment processes in IT projects and systems. With his expertise regarding GitLab/CI pipelines he is an outstanding expert in Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration. read more


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