Jan Bruder

Deploying and managing production-grade Kubernetes clusters with Rancher

Running containers in production requires a wide variety of technologies, which must be integrated and managed throughout their lifecycle. Kubernetes provides the orchestration and management capabilities required to deploy containers for distributed application workloads and is becoming the most widley adopted container orchestration on the market. But configuring and deploying Kubernetes as well as combining the orchestrator with a constantly changing set of technologies can be challenging with a steep learning curve. During the talk we will show how the Rancher container management platform addresses these challenges and facilitates the operation of production-grade Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure.

Topics we will cover include:

Jan Bruder

Jan Bruder is a Linux containers and open source enthusiast. He joined Rancher Labs in 2016 and is working with Rancher users all over Europe on adopting Linux containers in their production environments. read more


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