Govinda Fichtner

[email protected] - a look at the different options to run Docker in the Amazon Cloud

Amazon Webservices - the cloud offering of Amazon - has introduced more and more support for using Docker on AWS. This talks looks at the different options of running Docker on AWS and how they can help you make your life as a professional Docker user easier.

The talk will start by providing some background about the relevant AWS building blocks for the highly available infrastructure that is used by all the different Docker options available. Then it will continue with a deep dive of each individual option and end with a comparison and advice when to use what.

Govinda Fichtner

Govinda Fichtner - Senior DevOps & Cloud-Engineer at Paessler AG Govinda has been working in the IT industry for more than 18 years in many different roles such as developer, administrator, consultant, architect, trainer, project manager, team lead and CTO. Currently he is busy building, which is an AWS-based SaaS infrastructure monitoring solution. Govinda is a certified Linux and AWS professional who has been working as a DevOps based on agile principles since 2005. As part of the Hypriot-Team and as organiser of the "DevOps Franken"- and "Docker Bamberg"-User-Groups he is organising workshops about Docker, IoT, DevOps and Cloud and also giving talks on a regular base about a broad range of subjects like Docker, IoT, AWS and Microservices. read more


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