Kevin Wittek

Integration Testing with TestContainers

Thanks to tools like Docker containers, spinning up a full-fledged relational or NoSql databases in seconds. Now you can use integration tests on your local machine, inside an staging environment which resembles production as close as possible. This talk demonstrates how to utilize containers and leverage existing knowledge in writing JUnit tests by making use of the powerful Testcontainers Java library by providing live demos and best-practices for joyful integration testing. Attendees will see how to spin-up and tear-down databases, web-servers and even external applications on a test-class and test-method basis. In the end we’ll even have an outlook on functional testing using GEB and docker-compose with Testcontainers.

Kevin Wittek

Java developer and JVM fanboy since being introduced to the language back in school 12 years ago. Found his own company during his university years, developing mobile apps and client-server applications, which lead to his discovery of Grails and the Groovy ecosystem. Fell in love with TDD because of Spock. Nowadays Kevin is working at the cyber security company GDATA Advanced Analytics and focuses on topics such as software craftsmanship, infrastructure as code and continuous integration pipelines, trying to make the world a better place one container at a time. read more


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