Roland Huß

Kubernetes Patterns

The way we develop and run applications on Cloud Native platforms like Kubernetes differs significantly from the traditional approach. There are fewer concerns for developers to think about, but at the same time, there are new patterns and practices for solving every-day challenges.

In this talk, we will look at a collection of common patterns for developing Cloud Native applications. These patterns encapsulate proven solutions to common problems and help you to prevent inventing the wheel again.

After a short introduction into the Kubernetes platform we will look at the following pattern categories:

In the end, you will have a solid overview how common problems can be solved when developing Cloud Native application for Kubernetes.

Roland Huß

Dr. Roland Huß is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat working in the Fuse team. He has been developing in Java for twenty years now but never forgot his roots as system administrator. Roland is an active open source contributor, lead developer of the JMX-HTTP bridge Jolokia and the popular fabric8io/docker-maven-plugin. And he loves chilli pepper. read more


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