Jorge Salamero

Workshop: Container Troubleshooting with Sysdig Open Source

Visibility and troubleshooting

Learn how to debug a 502 error on a containerized LB with HPproxy, a Python webapp that crashes after working for 5 minutes or finding where you configured the wrong credentials in a microservices app.

Analyzing performance and bottlenecks

Compare the performance of different web servers running in containers, use system call tracing to find the bottleneck in your application or learn how to use spectograms (flame graphs) to visualize system call performance.

Security run-time monitoring and forensics

Last but not least, all these previous lessons can also be applied for security. Not only with forensics on an attack attempt, but Sysdig Falco can alert on containers with anomalous behaviour as well.

Jorge Salamero

Jorge enjoys monitoring all the things, from his container clusters to writing sensors plugins and DIY projects with Raspberry PI and ESP8266. Currently he is part of the Sysdig team, and in the past was one of the promoters of HumanOps. When he is away from computers, you will find him walking with his 2 dogs across the countryside or driving his car through a twisted road. read more


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