Niclas Mietz

Workshop: GitLab/CI Basics

Whether small startups or large companies - many of them rely on the open-source Docker technology. But what about the kind of containers that roll up the virtualization market and change the software development in the long term? Docker promises a quick start, flexible configuration and stable images for development and production. Nice, but a developer or operator must be present in order to setup automation, to build, test and deliver Docker images. At this workshop you learn how to setup GitLab/CI with the objective to maintain your project sources, automate your Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline for simple Docker images. We start with an overview and introduce the first steps by demonstrating the usage of GitLab/CI. You will get an overview of the most important components, instructions and concepts. Using a simple example, you will learn how to implement a microservice, automate the build with a simple gitlab runner, install with Docker, test and integrate with other services in an environment.

Niclas Mietz

Niclas is a DevOps Engineer, Docker expert and open source maintainer. He accelerates deployment processes in IT projects and systems. With his expertise regarding GitLab/CI pipelines he is an outstanding expert in Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration. read more


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