Kevin Wittek and Matthias Rottländer

Workshop: Groovy integration testing with Docker and TestContainers

Use a production-like, portable test environment described in code - gone is the need for heavyweight manual setup of test systems and the pain of sharing test infrastructure with multiple developers and teams. Launch a fully functional testing suite not only consisting of unit tests, but also of integration tests, right from source control. And instead of manually writing and maintaining a bunch of brittle bash scripts for instrumenting your containers, participants will learn to leverage existing knowledge in writing JUnit tests and make use of the powerful TestContainers Java library.

Going one step further, the workshop will also introduce Groovy and Spock as a substitute for JUnit, allowing to write easily readable and expressive BDD style tests.


As this is a hands-on workshop, it is essential that you bring a prepared workstation, containing the following software:

Generals experience in using the following technologies is expected. Participants can tag along if they don’t know all the details, but some topics might get too complex if they are missing the basics.

Kevin Wittek

Java developer and JVM fanboy since being introduced to the language back in school 12 years ago. Found his own company during his university years, developing mobile apps and client-server applications, which lead to his discovery of Grails and the Groovy ecosystem. Fell in love with TDD because of Spock. Nowadays Kevin is working at the cyber security company GDATA Advanced Analytics and focuses on topics such as software craftsmanship, infrastructure as code and continuous integration pipelines, trying to make the world a better place one container at a time. read more

Matthias Rottländer

Jack-Of-All-Trades promoting perpetual pursuit of technical excellence. Developer of Java systems since about 10 years ago. Passionate usability nit-pick. Zealot hooking everyone in his vicinity on testing. Wholehearted embracer of agile principles. Found his home at German cyber security service provider GDATA Advanced Analytics, where he can do all of the above on a daily basis. read more


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