Henriette Wienges


Henriette Wienges

The joy of people, an optimistic stance, a believer in the possibility of development for the better both for individuals or organizations, the interest in the new and innovative and openness for diversity, my agility and my sense of responsibility and high intrinsic motivation, that is the quintessence of myself. That is also the origin of my action, my education and my job. It also makes me think about new solutions, about the needs of others and it makes me take responsibility to turn words and ideas into action.

Already as a student of political science, I started with a group a student Start-up as one of two managing partners. After several different positions in different companies in the policy sector, I became a systemic organizational consultant and agile coach to support companies to put needed change in place. Since April 2018, I am one of three managing partners of the New Work Academy, which is focusing on providing acquired knowledge about attitudes, methods and tools that are helpful for their own personal development path and / or that of their organization.


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