Mario Kleinsasser and Alexander O. Ortner

C4 - Continuous Culture Change Challenges

In less than a year we have managed to change our working culture from throwing informations over the great wall between Dev and Ops to a failure tolerant, management accepted honored culture. We have enabled colleagues to unleash their bygone forgotten strengths.

We can show you how to create a cultural change from bottom up even in a large enterprise.

Furthermore we have proven that even in a conservative environment where no one believes in it, like in construction businesses, a cultural change from the inside of the IT department can happen.

Doing a change bottom up is a hard task. We have gone this way and we can show you that it is possible to reach the goal, how you are able to achieve it and that it’s worth it. It is a real life story - no glossy brochure, no marketing magic, just unvarnished trueness. We did it and you can do it too. Just do it. Eppur si muove!

Mario KleinsasserSTRABAG BRVZ

Mario Kleinsasser is the team leader of a small continuous integration operations team within the IT department of the STRABAG BRVZ construction company. He is a DevOps since more than 15 years and he started to use containers based on OpenVZ back in 2006. Due to the transition, migration and integration of cloud native technologies, he transforms theoretical concepts into working durable on premise solutions. Mario was a speaker at the DevOps Gathering 2018 in Bochum Germany, he is the organizer of the Docker South Austria Meetup and he also contributes code for various Open Source projects, like CoreDNS and others. read more

Alexander O. OrtnerSTRABAG BRVZ

Alexander O. Ortner is the team leader of a software development team within the IT department of the STRABAG BRVZ construction company. Before joining the STRABAG SE he obtained a DI from the Department of Applied Informatics, Klagenfurt in 2011 and another DI from der Department of Mathematics, Klagenfurt in 2008. He is a software engineer since more than 10 years and beside the daily business mainly responsible for introducing new secure cloud ready application architecture technologies. He is furthermore a contributor to introduce a fully automated DevOps environment for the highly diversity of different applications. read more


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