Dennis Zielke

Delivering Cloud Native Apps with Kubernetes on Azure

The usage of containers enables organizations to be more agile in their own way to ship software from dev and test to production usage. However the enterprise adoption of container technology requires a scalable approach in order to streamline the deployment of multiple applications in a consistent and supportable platform like Kubernetes. This is presentation will cover the basic concepts of containerized applications and microservice architecture patterns to demonstrate the advantages of using Kubernetes. Furthermore we will show how you can empower your developers to achieve more by using the managed Kubernetes offering from Azure and the related toolchains and technologies from Microsoft like DevSpaces, OpenServiceBroker API, HELM, DevOps Project.

Dennis ZielkeMicrosoft

Dennis Zielke is part of the Global Blackbelt team at Microsoft and specializing in the development of modern, scalable and distributed applications. He is working as an software architect with enterprise customers and partners to design, build and deploy custom applications based on open source technology stacks. read more


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