Henning Jacobs

Ensuring Kubernetes Cost Efficiency across (many) Clusters

This talk will address one of the most common challenges of organizations adopting Kubernetes on a medium to large scale: how to keep cloud costs under control without babysitting each and every deployment and cluster configuration? How to operate 80+ Kubernetes clusters in a cost-efficient way for 200+ autonomous development teams?

This talk provides insights on how Zalando approaches this problem with central cost optimizations (e.g. Spot), cost monitoring/alerting, active measures to reduce resource slack, and automated cluster housekeeping. We will focus on how to ingrain cost efficiency in tooling and developer workflows while balancing rigid cost control with developer convenience and without impacting availability or performance. We will show our use case running Kubernetes on AWS, but all shown tools are open source and can be applied to most other infrastructure environments.

Henning JacobsZalando

Henning joined Zalando in the beginning of 2010 and accompanied the transformation of Zalando’s technology department through the eras of PHP/MySQL and Java/PostgreSQL to the new world of “Radical Agility”. He helped building the AWS/STUPS cloud infrastructure to make innovation scale across autonomous teams. Henning is currently responsible for the developer journey at Zalando. His five teams help streamline the developer experience by providing a cloud-native application runtime to 200+ engineering teams.read more


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