Peter Rossbach

Helm: Build fashionable Container Systems with Kubernetes

Helm is a package manager that helps to install and manage Kubernetes manifests. With the Helm tool you can configure different releases of your application. The Helm ecosystem offers you many features to setup and manage complex cloud native container systems. Serverless or microservice architectures need a lot of glue infrastructure components. Helm is more than homebrew for Kubernetes.

In this talk I will show you some automation practices, such as infrastructure as code, continuous integration, continuous deployment, release automation with Gitlab. We build container systems in conjunction with Kubernetes and Helm. As developers you will learn, how you easily can control your stage environments, reuse setups and how to release your complete application stack.

Peter Rossbachbee42 solutions

As founder of the bee42, System Architect, Cloud Native Engineer, Apache Member, Apache Tomcat Committer, Infracoder and DevOps Enabler, he relies on a long-lasting and remarkable experience. With his skills he inspires people. Peter rethinks IT and improve your systems with more


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