Burkhard Noltensmeier, Carsten Langerbein, Stephan Müller, Tilman Frosch & Schlomo Schapiro

Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks: Short presentations of about 10 minutes about interesting topics.

Burkhard Noltensmeier: IOT data aggregation of a wind farm with Kubernetes

Together with our customers, we developed helpful real-time dashboards with Grafana, Prometheus and Kubernetes. In this talk I will discuss the adventure of wind farm IOT use case and how we implemented it.

Carsten Langerbein: Agile App Development needs agile App Security

As apps are the gateway to your data so is security a key need for every application. But security was for a long time blocking and slowing down app development due to missing agility and flexibility. Therefor app developer often rely on secure coding practices and leave out existing security solutions for agile developed apps. But is it sufficient, to keep your data secure? And what needs to change to make security solutions usuable? In this short talk I will answer that questions and picture a solution to automate application security for agile development.

Stephan Müller: Serverless by example - Fotoboxes and other use cases

Focusing on business needs is one main goal in enterprise development, but in the last 20 years we wasted a major amount of time with configuration and maintenance of our infrastructure. Serverless computing - a cloud-computing execution model approach - enables us to concentrate on developing valuable solutions for our users like a serverless fotobox that re-renders and extend a picture ready to be printed immediately without any own server infrastructure. The full strength of serverless computing is revealed in combination with „as a Service“ offerings provided by a cloud provider like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. We will take a look at our solution and the opportunities serverless computing provides to us.

Tilman Frosch: A Security Response Perspective on Current Architectures

This talk offers a short excursion into current, sometimes dynamic corporate infrastructures from the perspective of a sometimes container user and a full-time security consultancy that also does a lot of software development work. Besides discussing how the, at times, rather fluent dynamics of current infrastructure changes our work as security people, we‘ll take a look at the things that just haven‘t changed and that could offer potential from the security perspective.

Schlomo Schapiro: The DevOps Driving School - Elevator Pitch

How to convince your company that DevOps is a transitional mode of operations and the means to a goal instead of goal in itself. What comes after DevOps is “done”?

DevOps is like learning to drive and a “DevOps Team” is like a motor cycle driving school. You learn in theory and practice to survive amongst “live traffic”, where other road participants are not very considerate. You have to comply with a lot of regulations. From early on you drive your motor cycle alone and the driving instructor follows you in his car keeping a safe distance. He talks with you via radio and tells you where to pay attention and how to drive. But you drive all alone and by yourself - amongst live traffic. If you hit a tree and die, it is your own fault. If you cause a crash, it is your own fault. Same about learning DevOps. You are responsible for your product in production with “live traffic” and real customers. If you crash your server, it your own fault. If your code quality causes harm to the company, it is your own fault. Your DevOps Coach sits next to you and talks to you while you type away at your screen, like a driving instructor. In the end you prove your driving skills, get your license and ride happily singing full speed into the sunset. Same about DevOps, after a training period you work alone. You build it - you run it. You go full speed ahead and deliver value over value. Who has a bumper sticker claiming “I have a driving license”? That’s why “DevOps Team” is a passing thing and once you qualify you are just an Engineering Team who are fully responsible for their product end to end. No need to put a claim to what is normal, because DevOps is normal.

Burkhard Noltensmeier, Carsten Langerbein, Stephan Müller, Tilman Frosch & Schlomo Schapiro

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