Rainer Stropek

Container as a Service at the Azure-Cloud

Running a professional Docker cluster isn’t a trivial task. As a developer, I would like to focus on writing great apps instead of having to maintain such infrastructure. PaaS and Serverless cloud services are a solution to this problem. My job as a developer is to containerize my app while the cloud provider cares for maintaining, scaling, and securing the underlying base services. In this session, long-time Azure MVP and Regional Director Rainer Stropek introduces you to Container-as-a-Service in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Instead of showing many slides, Rainer will work on an end-to-end live sample together with you. You will see Azure Container Registry, Web Apps for Containers, Container Instances, and AKS (Managed Kubernetes) in action. Get ready for a fast-paced, demo-heavy workshop with lots of live coding and DevOps fun.

Rainer Stropeksoftware architects / IT Vision

Rainer Stropek has been an entrepreneur in the IT industry for more than twenty years. During this time, he founded and managed several IT service companies and is currently developing the award-winning Software time cockpit in his company software architects together with his team. Rainer holds degrees from the Technical College of MIS, Leonding (AT) and the University of Derby (UK). He is the author of several books and articles in magazines around Microsoft .NET and C#. His technical focus is on C# and the .NET framework, XAML, the Microsoft-Azure platform, SQL Server and Web development. Rainer regularly appears as a speaker and trainer at renowned conferences in Europe and the USA. In 2010, Rainer was named by Microsoft as one of the first MVPs for the Windows-Azure platform. Rainer has also been a Microsoft Regional Director since 2015.read more


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