Stefan Scherer

Docker Container on Windows

Docker is a platform for running applications in lightweight units of compute called containers. You can run new and old apps in containers, and get increased portability, security and efficiency for your software. The platform supports the full development and deployment lifecycle - with Docker you can build, ship and run any app anywhere.

Docker has production support for containers since Windows Server 2016, and Windows containers don’t need separate licensing. Migrating your apps to Docker is a great way to increase utilization in your datacenter, or to prepare for a move to the cloud. When your app is running in Docker, it’s easy to break features out and run them in separate containers, so you can deploy updates to your app without a full regression test.

In this half-day workshop you’ll use Docker EE on Windows Server 2019 and learn:

You don’t need your own Windows Server machine, you’ll be provided with a VM in the cloud.

You just need a Notebook, with a Chrome Browser and Remote Desktop client so you can connect.

Stefan SchererDocker Inc.

Stefan is a Sr. Software Engineer at Docker working in the tools and release engineering team. He is an early adopter of Docker on Windows, giving feedback and sharing his experience as a Microsoft MVP. He is a maintainer of several Docker related Chocolatey packages. He also is member of the Hypriot team that gives the community a very easy experience for Docker on ARM devices. read more


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