Benjamin Godbersen and Henriette Wienges

New Work Academy: agile working – an interactive introduction

We are going to explore what agile working really means and for which problems it has come out to be the best practice in solving them. So, there is going to be a little bit of an explanation about the circumstances which led to the agile manifest and also why agile methods are not a method to believe in and to simply put in place but a framework of change, comprised of values and principles which have simply turned out to be the most helpful ones. As we try to follow the values and principles our self – we want you to experience the agile Manifest in an interactive and playful way and to come into a self-focused discussion on where it could be of use in your environment. We will take a deeper look also into the question, how agile work can be a part of the quality- or even risk management strategy of companies. You will learn to understand the agile values and principles, you will discuss the agile manifest and you will connect the new insights with your own situations, and you will experience yourself if the framework can be useful – and if so, for which situations and settings.

Learning outcomes:


Introduction to the topic: agile work - hype or need?

Interactive customer-related part:

Interactive introduction of agile principles and values

A brief look into how Scrum is designed to ensure the implementation of the agile manifest in everyday work

Benjamin GodbersenNew Work Academy

Trying out new terrain and creating something new - that's my passion. After studying International Management with Engineering, I quickly left behind classic IT project management in an international corporation and learned how it feels to work in small, self-organized teams on what really matters. Meanwhile, for over 8 years, I have been assisting teams to iteratively and adaptively develop their way of working, and to produce more and more the products and results that have an impact on the market and improve the lives of customers. Since April 2018, as a managing partner of the New Work Academy, I have been working to establish a network and training location. Here interested people can acquire knowledge about attitudes, methods and tools that are helpful for their own personal development path and / or that of their organization. read more

Henriette WiengesNew Work Academy

The joy of people, an optimistic stance, a believer in the possibility of development for the better both for individuals or organizations, the interest in the new and innovative and openness for diversity, my agility and my sense of responsibility and high intrinsic motivation, that is the quintessence of myself. That is also the origin of my action, my education and my job. It also makes me think about new solutions, about the needs of others and it makes me take responsibility to turn words and ideas into action. Already as a student of political science, I started with a group a student Start-up as one of two managing partners. After several different positions in different companies in the policy sector, I became a systemic organizational consultant and agile coach to support companies to put needed change in place. Since April 2018, I am one of three managing partners of the New Work Academy, which is focusing on providing acquired knowledge about attitudes, methods and tools that are helpful for their own personal development path and / or that of their organization. read more


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