Burkhard Noltensmeier

Why Persistence is Hard?

Requirement from practice:

Business transactions are interdependent and must be stored safely and quickly (always!) The CAP Theorem limits the ability to achieve both redundancy (partitionability) and transaction security (consistency) simultaneously.

The big cloud providers take away this difficult problem and offer endless scalability, highest security and all for a reasonable price.

In this hands-on workshop you will learn concepts and try solutions that can persuade your business data on-premise

Kubernetes offers several ways to achieve these goals:

We show examples of different solutions and evaluate them for scalability, security, complexity and cost.

Try them out with us!

You receive virtual machines in the cloud.

Burkhard Noltensmeier

Burkhard (avowed since 1993 Linux Evangelist) founded after studying computer science at the University of Hagen 1994 teuto.net Network Services GmbH in Bielefeld. His focus are new technologies and he is always one of the first to try them out. Developing and operating clouds based on Openstack and Kubernetes are his goal. Burkhard is official corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation, member of Cloud Native Foundation (CNCF) and his company is qualified as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. read more


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