The Conference Crew would like to take the time to thank all of our awesome sponsors whose sponsorship helped and supported the first DevOps Gathering 2017. Thank you for making this great conference possible! :-) After this year‘s and first successful community conference, we are now preparing the second edition of the DevOps Gathering. As a community conference with a low entrance fee, we depend on sponsors for making this event possible.

We would be happy and grateful to have YOU as a supporter of this great community!

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G DATA Software AG, with its head office in Bochum, is an innovative and quickly expanding software house focusing on antivirus security solutions. As a specialist in Internet security and pioneer in the field of virus protection, the company, founded in Bochum in 1985, developed the first antivirus program more than 20 years ago and celebrated its 25th birthday in 2010. Consequently G DATA is amongst the eldest security software companies in the world.

G Data

The DevOps company bee42 solutions gmbh in Bochum raises the level of your IT by implementing solutions that perfectly match your requirements. We provide a unique infrastructure solution based on the Docker ecosystem for your needs to build and operate your IT. We love to build infrastructure, implement software, measure systems and are always looking for the next improvement.

bee42 solutions gmbh

At Setlog we like to think value chains holistically – from inbound to outbound. More than a decade ago we’ve set out to develop software code that shall be groundbreaking for connective supply chain and vendor management. Our code of conduct? Be distinct, smart, and connective. Expect no less. Our software provides real-time access to crucial information: transparent and coherent. It’s universal, uniting each client’s global interfaces on one smart connective platform. Bottom line? The single truth about even the most complex value chains. Straightforward and comprehensive.


If you’re interested in founding a company, relocating your headquarters or making a clever investment, then Bochum provides all the advantages of a large modern city - and lots of that feel-good factor into the bargain. We really love our city and would be delighted if you get that loving feeling too.

Wirtschaftsförderung Bochum

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Die open knowledge GmbH steht seit 15 Jahren für individuelle, qualitativ hochwertige Beratung und Softwareentwicklung rund um die Themen Enterprise und Mobile Computing. Mit einem Team aus erfahrenen Beratern, Projektmanagern und Entwicklern arbeitet open knowledge seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich für namhafte Kunden. Effizienter, verlässlicher und zukunftssicher – wir haben unsere Ziele hoch gesteckt.Der Unternehmensname open knowledge ist auch gleichzeitig unsere Philosophie: Egal, ob im Rahmen von Schulungen, Workshops, Reviews, Konzeptionen oder Realisierungsprojekten – unsere Erfahrung und unser Wissen teilen wir gern mit unseren Auftraggebern und erarbeiten dabei Lösungen im gemeinsamen Dialog.

open knowledge

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