The Conference Crew would like to take the time to thank all of our awesome sponsors whose sponsorship helped and supported the first DevOps Gathering 2017. Thank you for making this great conference possible! :-) After this year‘s and first successful community conference, we are now preparing the second edition of the DevOps Gathering. As a community conference with a low entrance fee, we depend on sponsors for making this event possible.

We would be happy and grateful to have YOU as a supporter of this great community!

Contact us at [email protected] directly about sponsorship, or click here for more information and the sponsoring packages 2018.

Gold Sponsor

G DATA Software AG, with its head office in Bochum, is an innovative and quickly expanding software house focusing on antivirus security solutions. As a specialist in Internet security and pioneer in the field of virus protection, the company, founded in Bochum in 1985, developed the first antivirus program more than 20 years ago and celebrated its 25th birthday in 2010. Consequently G DATA is amongst the eldest security software companies in the world.

G Data

The DevOps company bee42 solutions gmbh in Bochum raises the level of your IT by implementing solutions that perfectly match your requirements. We provide a unique infrastructure solution based on the Docker ecosystem for your needs to build and operate your IT. We love to build infrastructure, implement software, measure systems and are always looking for the next improvement.

bee42 solutions gmbh

Logistics moves the world - move IT! What do blue packages have to do with agile development? At Hermes Germany lots: if you have up to 1.7 million consignments a day which you do not want to lose track of, then you have to rely on a powerful IT system. Hermes has a total of about 300 specialists to ensure that our parcels are not only delivered quickly but above all securely and reliably to their designated target. Our claim is simple, the technology behind it complex: 30 million new data records per day present each IT infrastructure with completely new challenges. Standard software rarely helps us.
Co-thinkers, co-designers and facilitators, who are working to develop the digital transformation will be right at home with us. Whether, for example, as a Full Stack Developer, an IT Consultant or a Solution Architect: If you like to build up new things, to question the traditional and to want to make your ideas a reality then we are looking forward to supporting you! Interested? Then apply online at www.hermesworld.com/it-karriere

Hermes Europe GmbH

to be announced

Cloudogu GmbH

Metal Sponsor

Der dpunkt.verlag ist ein modernes Unternehmen im Informationsmarkt. Er bietet Bücher, Zeitschriften und Veranstaltungen für die professionelle Computing-Szene. Fixpunkte des Programms sind Computertechnologie und ihre Anwendungen. dpunkt.bücher wenden sich an Computer-Profis zur Aus- und Fortbildung, ein Schwerpunkt sind Lehrbücher für Studenten an Universitäten und Hochschulen. Eine weitere wichtige Zielgruppe sind professionelle Anwender, für die der Computer das “zentrale Werkzeug” ihrer Arbeit ist.



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