Philipp Garbe

Managed Container Orchestration with ECS at Scout24

With ECS, AWS offers a managed container service that states to schedule containers based on resource needs, isolation policies and availability requirements. Sounds good, but is it really that easy? In this talk, Philipp gives insights how Scout24 uses ECS to improve their developer experience. Learn, what needs to be done to make ECS production ready, which tweaks are useful and how changes can be delivered continuously. Let yourself be surprised by a a better solution to scale your cluster effectively and save some money. Also, find out, how CloudFormation can be leveraged to free teams from the burden of running their own cluster while keeping a “You build it, you run it” culture.

Philipp Garbe

Philipp works as Lead Platform Engineer at Scout24 in Munich. He is driven by technologies and tools that allows him to release faster and more often. He expects that every commit automatically goes into production and it shouldn't surprise that he's excited about microservices, Docker and the cloud. Affected by Pain Driven Development, Philipp believes that things need to be changed whenever the pain is big enough. As Docker Captain he also tries to share his knowledge and experience about Containers with the community. read more


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