Maykel Moya

Monitoring FairCoin blockchain with Prometheus

FairCoin is experimenting with a novel method for maintaining the blockchain called Proof of Cooperation (PoC). PoC depends on the high availability of some nodes called CVN. In this talk I’ll present a Prometheus based monitoring stack that is currently being used for assisting CVN operators.

Maykel Moya

Maykel studied Software Engineering in La Habana, Cuba. He is currently the Engineering Lead in ShuttleCloud Corp., a small company specialized in migrating email and contacts at scale. If you have recently imported contacts or email to GMail, GContacts or Yahoo!, you have used ShuttleCloud services. His ongoing challenges are migrating the infrastructure to kubernetes and improve its overall reliability. Enhance the monitoring is one concrete front he is closely working with. Being also a cryptocoin enthusiast, he tries to combine both worlds where there are an opportunity. read more


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