Stefan Hausotte

Building a Graph User-Interface for Malware-Analysis

As a security company, G DATA built a large JanusGraph database with information about different malware threats over the years. This talk shows how we built an interactive graph interface to explore the data using auto-generated GraphQL interfaces and open-source JavaScript libraries for graph rendering.

Stefan HausotteG DATA CyberDefense AG

Stefan Hausotte is the lead for "Automated Threat Analysis" at G DATA, where he plans and coordinates the development of automated malware analysis and classification tools. He is an active open source committer in different projects related to security, .NET and software development areas. Furthermore he teaches IT-Security at the Technical University of Dortmund and is a frequent speaker about security related topics at conferences and fairs. He believes that a graph is the natural representation of the different interconnections between malware and malicious actors and a graph database is the right approach as an underlying technology for efficient malware analysis at large scale. read more


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