Nico Meisenzahl

How Containerized Pipelines Can Boost Your CI/CD

Learn how to eliminate any dependencies on your CI/CD build nodes and don’t bother yourself with multiple versions of your toolchain and any corresponding constraints. Walk away with knowledge and best practices that will help you to optimize your builds and deployments with containerized pipelines! Use containerized Gitlab CI/CD pipelines and Kaniko to move your build and deployment workloads into your Kubernetes cluster. Build your apps and infrastructure without any external dependencies and constraints. You are building a Go project, deploying an app to Kubernetes or building your infrastructure. It doesn’t matter. Anything is possible! Nico will also introduce you to Tekton - an open source project which helps you building a cloud native toolchain by moving your whole CI/CD into Kubernetes. Join Nico on a deep dive into the secrets of building hassle-free containerized build and deployment pipelines with Gitlab CI/CD, Kaniko and Tekton.

Nico Meisenzahlwhite duck GmbH

Nico Meisenzahl works as Senior Cloud & DevOps Consultant at white duck. As an elected Docker Community Leader and GitLab Hero, his current passion is for topics around Kubernetes, CI/CD, Automation, DevOps, and Cloud. Nico is a frequent speaker at conferences, user group events and Meetups in Europe and the United States. read more


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