Halil-Cem Gürsoy

'Serverless' and 'Functions as a Service' with OpenFaaS

“Serverless” and “Functions as a Service” are the latest craze, especially in particular the big players like Amazon with AWS Lamda, Google with Google Functions and Microsoft with Azure Functions come around the corner and give their customers, at the first look, easy to use frameworks. But how can you use your own, already existing infrastructure to go “serverless”? With OpenFaaS a flexible framework exists which you can use to set up your own “Serverless” infrastructure on your existing Docker Swarm or Kubernetes cluster, either on your local development hardware or in your datacenter. In this session I’ll show you which opportunities you have using OpenFaaS for the deployment of applications (or better “functions”), which advantages and disadvantages exists, compared to other available solutions like Kubeless.

Halil-Cem GürsoyOpitz Consulting

Halil is a Senior Solution Architect at OPITZ CONSULTING and is already active as Software Developer and Architect since over 20 years. His focus is on large distributed enterprise systems, mostly written in Java, but has wrote more productive infrastructure code in Go, Python or Ruby as classic enterprise Java stuff in the last years. read more


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