Manuel Zapf

Routing Your Microservices Architecture to Ease DevOps Enterprise Transformation

In a world of containerized microservices, where developers focus on building and exposing applications to end users as fast as possible, adapting the enterprise to this new pace of change poses significant challenges. Routing requests to your microservices, either coming from end users or other microservices, is one of them. It’s never been easier to have Canary routing, so you can “verify” that a new features of your application works in production by testing it on a small subset of users. If it goes right, you can go forward and continue building the application. If it does not, rollback is easy and your production is not at risk since only a few users are impacted. By commoditizing these new patterns, business can get the most from IT teams as the time from idea to production is shrunk without creating operational risks. This is the value of Cloud Native solutions: using technical automation for business prospective, as part of the DevOps Enterprise transformation. Our session will show how to successfully build reliable routing patterns. From “Ingress” routing to service mesh with load balancing and security, we will cover how to get the most of your microservices architecture.

Manuel ZapfContainous

Traefik's Solution Architect at Containous. His special interest is in deploying applications scalable by using cloud and container technologies. Gopher lover. read more


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