Dirk Weil

Take MicroProfile to the Clouds with Quarkus

“Supersonic Subatomic Java” claims Quarkus, the new star at the sky of microservice frameworks. And yes, you are able to build services easily and quickly, which are small, fast and reactive, while still leveraging the JEE programming model. Quarkus is based on MicroProfile containing a subset of Jakarta EE and various extensions for building distributed, cloud-ready (micro) services. Devs will love the convenient developer mode and ops will love the seamless container integration and blazing fast startup in native mode. This talk gives a quick overview of Quarkus and includes various live demos.

Dirk WeilGedoplan GmbH

Dirk Weil has been working as a Java consultant since 1998. As Managing Director of GEDOPLAN GmbH, he is responsible for the conception and realization of Java based information systems. With many years of experience in developing sophisticated business solutions he and his team are competent partners and recognized experts for Java and JEE. He is a book author, writes articles for magazines and speaks at conferences and user groups. He works as trainer for GEDOPLAN IT Training holding various Java and JEE seminars and workshops. read more


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