Florian Kuckelkorn

Tracing: A journey to tactical insight

G Data is taking you on a journey about gaining tactical insight into business processes by the means of using OpenTracing (Jaeger). Part of this talk will be a short introduction about tracing in general and how it can help you to solve certain use cases. Concepts about stream processing of trace events will be included.

Florian KuckelkornG DATA CyberDefense AG

Since 2017 Florian Kuckelkorn is working as a technical coordinator and controller for Protection Technologies (G DATA CyberDefense AG). His primary focus and interest lies on G DATA's Protection Technologies especially on evaluating, tracking and improving backend business processes. Since early age he is technical fascinated and self taught most his knowledge, he has today. He is actively interested in interdisciplinary areas of work and likes the inspiration of dealing with pioneer topics. read more


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