Maggie O’Toole and Martin Valdes de Leon

Amazon EKS Workshop

Running more than one containerized application in production makes teams look for solutions to quickly deploy and orchestrate containers. One of the most popular options is the open-source project Kubernetes. With the release of the Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), engineering teams now have access to a fully managed Kubernetes control plane and time to focus on building applications. With AWS Fargate, you don’t need to be an expert in Kubernetes operations to run a cost-optimized and highly-available cluster. Fargate eliminates the need to create or manage Amazon EC2 instances for Amazon EKS clusters. This workshop will deliver hands-on labs to support you getting familiar with Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate.

Maggie O’TooleAWS

Maggie O’Toole is a Solutions Architect for AWS in Germany, and has been with AWS since 2017. She enjoys helping customers improve their business and IT solutions with the AWS Cloud, and specializes in Containers. read more

Martin Valdes de LeonAWS

Originally from Argentina, Martin is a Senior Solution Architect with AWS. Prior to joining AWS he worked in various development and architecture roles, specializing in Microservices, Containers and Kubernetes. He now helps enterprise customers expand their businesses with the AWS cloud. read more


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