Florian Kuckelkorn and Matthias Simonis

Ansible: Testing with Molecule

This workshop gives an introduction on test-driven development of ansible roles with molecule ( https://molecule.readthedocs.io/en/stable )

Molecule provides support for testing with multiple instances, operating systems and distributions, virtualization providers, test frameworks and testing scenarios.

This workshop is hands-on and is designed for molecule beginner, basic ansible knowledge about playbook and role development is required.

Small parts will be implemented in Python, but should be understandable to every developer.

Learning Objectives:


Setup if you use your own private laptop:

In the workshop everything will be run as part of the ci/cd GitLab pipeline, but if you also want to perform tests locally you also need to install:

Ansible, Docker and Python 3

Florian KuckelkornG DATA CyberDefense AG

Since 2017 Florian Kuckelkorn is working as a technical coordinator and controller for Protection Technologies (G DATA CyberDefense AG). His primary focus and interest lies on G DATA's Protection Technologies especially on evaluating, tracking and improving backend business processes. Since early age he is technical fascinated and self taught most his knowledge, he has today. He is actively interested in interdisciplinary areas of work and likes the inspiration of dealing with pioneer topics. read more

Matthias SimonisG DATA CyberDefense AG

Matthias Simonis works at G DATA since 2016 with a primary focus on the automation of everything. This starts with the setup of infrastructure and ends with the development and deployment of services for automated data processing. Matthias Simonis is a self taught tech enthusiast that embraces new and old technology to get stuff done. read more


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