Marcel Müller

Introduction to Kubernetes Operators

Operators are a powerful tool to unlock automation and management potential in clusters. In this workshop I will first introduce and explain some core concepts of Kubernetes operators such as the controller pattern, eventual consistency, custom resources and status management in Kubernetes. The next phase in the workshop will be creating and running your first operator using the Kubebuilder SDK ( and utilizing KIND ( to deploy your operator locally. You will gain first hand experience developing and deploying your operator. Finally we will look at some best practices and improvements for your operator and I will share some resources from the Kubernetes community to guide you in your journey with Kubernetes Operators further.


Marcel MüllerGiantSwarm

Marcel is a Platform Engineer at Giant Swarm where he works on Kubernetes Operators and focuses on all things Release Engineering. He is passionate about infrastructure automation in distributed systems and building fault-tolerant software. Marcel is excited to share the learnings he has made along the way. During the last two years he has been closely following Kubernetes upstream developments such as Cluster-API and KIND. read more


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