Burkhard Noltensmeier

How to provide reliable Postgres Database inside of Kubernetes Cluster with a Postgres Operator

We will show the workings of the Zalando Postgres Operator inside of Kubernetes. We will elaborate on the do and don’t of using the Operator. Practical examples how to control Data Placement and Backup will conclude the Workshop. As a bonus we will install an graphile api generator on top of Postgres. graphile automatically generates a graphql api from an Postgres schema and provides a “nocode” backend for simple Web and Mobile applications.

Burkhard Noltensmeierteuto.net Network Services GmbH

Burkhard (avowed since 1993 Linux Evangelist) founded after studying computer science at the University of Hagen 1994 teuto.net Network Services GmbH in Bielefeld. His focus are new technologies and he is always one of the first to try them out. Developing and operating clouds based on Openstack and Kubernetes are his goal. Burkhard is official corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation, member of Cloud Native Foundation (CNCF) and his company is qualified as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. read more


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