Stephan Müller and Christian Wansart

Testing with Containers

Enterprise projects and the resulting challenges are complex by definition. How to master such a system and realize short “time-to-market” cycles at the same time without negotiating regression errors? The answer is as easy as simple - extensive automated test suites which continuously accumulate the errors back flow. But how to setup these tests when dealing with numerous services, databases, message brokers and other infrastructure to be integrated. At this point Docker comes into the game, which enables us to run an production-near setup in the developer machine as well as in multiple staging environments. The workshop demonstrates how to set up practical tests for Enterprise projects with Docker Containers and the testcontainers framework


Stephan Müller is an Enterprise Architect who works for the open knowledge GmbH. He has worked as an architect, product owner, project manager and coach in numerous enterprise projects for more than a decade. His main interests are architectures, new technologies and clean code. read more

Christian WansartOPEN KNOWLEDGE GmbH

Christian Wansart is an Enterprise Developer who works for the open knowledge GmbH. He is a fullstack developer working in backend, frontend and DevOps areas. He uses container technology for years and works with test frameworks to develop stable software with high quality. read more


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